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God Brought You Here

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

I firmly believe that all things are orchestrated by God if you heed his guidance. And this very moment, the launch of the Touch Management website is just that. I've been in media since kindergarten, from reading the morning announcements over the intercom to directing the middle school morning news broadcast. I've balanced a rigorous engineering curriculum while managing hip-hop bands & rock artists. I've co-created and produced television shows, to virtual events and trained others in media through community resource centers.

I'm just following my dream, which God called me to do.

My mother was in the USAF Communications squadron, and my father, the Bishop, was preaching on public access TV in the 90s. At this juncture in my career, I am called to share my gifts with others, and it would be my pleasure to serve you.

Media and communications are in my blood.

So let’s just say that the work from Touch Management is in alignment with a higher power, and so if you are here, well… He brought you here.

Thank you for visiting ;)



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